UHURU, RAILA, IEBC’s CHILOBA and CHEBUKATI should read this ahead of the Elections.

King Saul was one of those obvious choices as first king of Israel. He came from a wealthy family, and he was tall and handsome. So when God reluctantly accepted to have Israel have a king, Saul was the pick. But God had warned the people of Israel: "This is how a king will treat you. He will make soldiers of your sons. Your sons will have to plough his fields, harvest his crops, make his weapons. Your daughters will make perfume for him and work as his cooks and bakers...He will take a tenth of your crops and you will become his slaves. When that time comes, you will complain bitterly because of your king, whom you yourselves chose, but the Lord will not listen to your complaints."
 King Saul turned out to be a nightmare. He disobeyed God's commands. He killed God's prophets. And the more he disobeyed and the more he knew God had left him, the more he appealed to the spiritual world with prayers and sacrifice. At one point, he wanted to bribe God with the loot from his disobedience, and Samuel told him that "to obey is better than sacrifice." On another occasion, he had to leave Israel to look for a medium to call Samuel from the dead.

Even in African traditions, you cannot bribe the ancestors with rituals to avoid reality and the consequences of your actions. As Wole Soyinka reminded us, the universe is one huge cosmic balance. Even if you decide to upset the balance by destroying wildlife for profit, by amassing land and wealth and distorting power and the market, by presiding over injustice and the loss of innocent lives because they stood in your way, the universe will not stop doing what it does naturally, which is to restore the balance. 

In fact, as Soyinka says, justice is exactly that: a restoration of cosmic balance. Justice in the African worldview includes not only the seen and the human, but the unseen and the other members of our earth home. That is why even the hyenas and the rivers refused to eat and decay the bodies of the innocents like JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, Willie Kimani, Chris Msando and Maryanne Ngumbu. 

Cosmic restoration never stops for anyone. The ruling class cannot bribe the restoration with rituals to the ancestors, or with anointing and prayers in the church. Even King Canute reminded his sycophants that shouting at the waves could not stop the tide from rolling in. 

To engage in spiritual bribes to stop the tide, to prevent justice from being restored, to silence the ghosts of innocent lives lost, is sheer evil. To obey the will of God, to respect the will of the people, to atone for the evil that has been done in this Kenya for over a century now, is better than sacrifice.

 By Dr. Wandia.

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