This is how UHURU used an alogarithm to rig RAILA ODINGA – DAVID NDII explains graphically, Raila instructed David Ndii to show Kenyans the graph on how Uhuru used a formula to rig his victory during the August 8th poll.

According to Ndii’s graph, Jubilee hackers used a constant algorithm of 11 percent to ensure Uhuru was ahead of Raila Odinga with that margin from the start to the end of the election.

Here is the graph according to David Ndii.

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  1. To change a 1 % change when 10 million votes are cast requires a direct input or accumulated input of 100,000 excess votes over a rival.Note polling station input was only max 700 ,changes were occurring at possibly the 7th or 8th decimal.Statistically speaking.This algorithm theory is hogwash

  2. Ndii please take your explanation and evidence about the 'perceived formula' to supreme court. We the public did our job and we are not intrested in yoiur theories.

  3. Bwana Ndii should do better than prostituting his professional standing at the altar of political partisanship. If you put 700 white balls and 300 black balls in a jar and start picking them one by one without replacement, by the time you have picked a 100, you will be approaching the ratio of 7 to 3 white and black balls. This is based on a simple principle of probability called the Principle of Indifference (Insufficient Reason) or the Equal Distribution of Ignorance, a principle attributed to Jacques Bernoulli (1654-1705) and Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749-1827). If IEBC was streaming the results from Form 34A as they came in from all over the country, the winner emerges even before you have received 30 percent of the returns. That is simple first-year undergraduate statistics.

  4. Kama iko kuma ya mtu, ni hii nyang'au.

  5. Boy boy has Ndii forgotten that Charles Njonjo and GG Kariuki annexed Moi to power and what happened there after . What does he want to achieve by creating all the havoc boy boy

  6. Ndii I thought you were educated lakini naona kaufala fulani sijui ni ka wapi???

  7. Very soon all jaluos will need visas to access Kibera. After annexing, all jaluos will need work permits to remain and work in Nairobi.

  8. Ndii I think you need to have self respect to retain your respect. Your intelligent has quickly been on the decline while you should be enriching with wisdom. For the sake of your family respect and confident among the society you are better of not commenting or being in any public domain. I find your paper column a waste of space.

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