This is how UHURU used an alogarithm to rig RAILA ODINGA – DAVID NDII explains graphically

Tuesday August 22, 2017 - Fast fading economic analyst, David Ndii, has issued an explanation, on how Jubilee Party, allegedly rigged the August 8th presidential election.

National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential loser, Raila Odinga, has been claiming that incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta participated in subverting IEBC’s election transmission system, so as to win.

Raila has been claiming that Jubilee hackers tampered with the IEBC system and interleaved an algorithm that added Uhuru’s votes exponentially by a factor of 1.258 or an 11 percentile augmentation against Raila Odinga’s votes at any given point.

And to ascertain his…

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  1. That is just a dumb graph, explain how it works and how it was used! Anybody can draw a colored graph

  2. What a waste of time? Take your evidence to the Supreme Court. That's where it will be useful. Thw public will not value it. You and others continue to eat from Yoshua's pocket after misdirecting him on journey far away from the path to Cannan. Now you give him false hopes about an animal he doesn't comprehend. You complicate your resoning for him. Just halt st biometrics, that's all he needs. All the jazz about the server access kits is total torture to him.

  3. This idiot is taking kenyans for fools!!you really wonder what economist is he??

  4. Fast fading indeed. Haven't got a clue does he ? Empty head

  5. Kenya is world shortage of intelligent scholars.
    What Dr Ndii is saying is true and rocket science to majority who've no idea that programing system are there to generate data which are then compared with the raw data and these software program are what many high level universities researchers do and these software program are fine turned to exactly tally with the raw data.
    In the case for the IEBC system, the program will have the two graph projected as it is cos it data generated and at no time will the graph crisscross each other as is the case for of the raw data. Let go back to the IEBC 218 trial run: all the presidential candidates we given 218 votes and after running the system all the presidential candidates got 218 apart from one (Hon. Raila) got 217. Did IEBC explain this misnomer? For simplicity, let IEBC with their evil guru enter 2 million votes for each presidential candidate as a test run and you will see the real cooking of the effect of the computer generated data by the zombie IEBC system.
    This is why IEBC have take time to cook the 34A forms to tally with the generated cooked computer data and why some of the IEBC staff are being exterminated cos they have refused to sign the doctored data they have.
    If indeed Kenya have the brains, they would have seen this and our learned friend as they call themselves (which ironical to say the very least have know idea but to relay on who can distort the truth in their orthodox courts cos of bribe). By now, the so call learned judges should have sourced international programmers and this IEBC IT system would be smoked out. Our local Kenya IT experts are master of nothing but master of cracked software and fraudsters of copy and paste.
    What Dr Ndii is saying is true and am happy NASA has brought this out.
    Computer data generation was done and we have a zombie are the outcome of this computer program system with the doctored 34A are the raw data that were submitted by the IEBC yesterday to the high court.
    Dr Ndii, thumbs up and bravo for bringing this to the attention of all Kenyans.

  6. What does the hard copy ballot paper say? let alone these algorithms you are talking about. What if a re-count was done? Dr Ndii, you are such an asshole. Kenyans are not thick. a whole lot of us Kenyans don't have PhDs but I can assure you, we can use our brain better than you. Advice the old coot that it time to call it a day.

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