This is exactly what RAILA ODINGA will tell NASA supporters on Tuesday after he was beaten by UHURU

..document to the media that will show how votes were inflated in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta while his votes were deducted using a complex mathematical formula.

 In an interview with Financial Times on Sunday, Raila said he will present “compelling evidence” to demonstrate that IEBC falsified the results.

He said Chebukati and his team decided to rig because they were “under metaphorical gunpoint” from the President’s camp.

“We will show the kind of charade the whole world has been treated to,” said Raila who also declared that he will never vie for Presidency again.


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  2. Rao Go to Court if there's any Truth

  3. the Votes can be counted manually so Raila You are a Liar

  4. exactly let him not take us for fools. see how he has lost governors mcas senators mps all over kenya is that also rigging?.

  5. don't call raila a liar while you, yourself is a sycophant of the system. we are all in agreement that elections were not free and fair.

  6. RAO, you can cheat fools. Voting was manual and not computerised. re-counting can always be done because the votes are on pieces of paper/cards. The tally will prove that you are a lair of the highest order. 4 elections now and you are always rigged. This time round, the whole world witnessed your lies. WE will not allow you to take Kenya down as you go down.

  7. Then take that evidence to the supreme court. Whether electronically or manually, you lost to Uhuruto.

  8. Waste of time, announce your grievances in Karen.

  9. Balance of power is against Raila. So he should never think of using force. This is not 2007 when he had entire western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Coast and some parts of Northeastern on his side. If he tries force, he will be crushed within weeks. Even if ardent supporters know this

  10. Now that your lawyer is gagged you have no one to run to. And especially after the whole of Kenya was told he was your relative, orengos relative. No wonder he always rules in your favour

  11. The harbit of discussing academic achievements of successful people by the lumpenproletreat is now too much. Before you start discussing another person's academic level please show us yours first...FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS ALL OVER THE PLACE

  12. 1/2 inch penis holders should not try insulting anyone here

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