These are the exact MEN who tortured MSANDO to death while looking for PASSWORDS to IEBC severs

Wednesday August 1, 2017-The National Super Alliance (NASA) has likened the gruesome murder of IEBC’s ICT Manager Chris Msando to the killing of Jacob Juma some time back.

Speaking while campaigning in Kisii, Bungoma Senator and NASA co-principal Moses Wetangula revealed that the same assassins who killed Jacob Juma were the same ones who tortured Msando to death.

He noted the killers were the same ones who tortured Msando to death as they were looking for passwords to the IEBC servers to help President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee rig Raila Odinga in the August polls.

“The same killer squad that Jubilee sent to eliminate Jacob Juma is the same one that has eliminated Msando,” Wetangula claimed.

He noted that they killed Msando because he refused to give them the IEBC passwords be part of the Jubilee’s wider scheme to rig the next week’s polls.


  1. NASA Co-principals: How can we tell whether you are the ones looking for passwords? This question is based on the way you are talking about the matter bearing in mind that you have various tallying centres where you can inflate the voting numbers.

  2. NASA thinks they will gain mileage with this killing. Bure Kabisa. Who knows, you might even be the ones responsible. Mwizi wa mbizi anaitafuta na mwenye aliikula naye muuaji anatafuta muuaji na mwenye alimuua

  3. God, doesnt this opposition go too far until they add to our fears that they do it so that the government could be turnished. AFTER EVERY MURDER, THEY ARE TOO QUICK WITH SENSATIONAL THEORIES THAT MAKE US WONDER IF THEY HADNT COINED THEM BEFORE THE EPISODE.DESPERATE LOT!

  4. These Naswas are just good for nothing,whenever they speak they make no sense!we will sort them once n for all..blahblah hatutaki kusikia!uhuruto r speaking about development but all what naswas know is cannan n killings..bure kabisa

  5. nasa thats being myopic look at the bigger picture

  6. what kind of leaders are in NASA careless, senseless and useless

  7. Wetangula tell us who killed Juma. Please stop boring Kenyans with your empty rhetoric. Instead tell the Bungoma people how many students you assisted to access scholarships when you were a Foreign Affairs Minister. Absolutely none.

  8. Clearly we are dealing with a delinquent pack... all of NASA leadership. Psychologists say out of every 4 people 1 has some form of mental illness. I think these psychologists are wrong!

  9. This is a very serious allegation and not politics. Weta should be arrested and requested to record a statement.

  10. But weren't those killers supposed to die after the torch burried with JJ went off or the torch is still on?

  11. It seems you NASA you are happy with this death as you have seen an opportunity to attack the gorvernment

  12. I now believe NASA has something to do with the killing, the way they are payukaring all over to divert suspicions. Again Thika rd and Kikuyus locations seem to me as someone who wanted suspicions to go some their rivals

  13. This is not a joke people.Kenyans are mot stupid.l dont thonk the government would jjust left any Nasa team even if they werr suspects

  14. NASA and empty rhetorics are one and the same thing. Too much propagandas, incitements, nonesense from grown up boys. Stop it now, NASA must have eliminated Msando for their own reasons. UHURUTO TANO TENA, GOD BLESS YOU OUR ANNOINTED LEADERS.

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