Supreme Court will uphold UHURU KENYATTA’s win, don’t waste Kenyans’ time, RAILA ODINGA told. to the courts to decide whether to uphold Uhuru's victory or not.

He exuded confidence that the court will uphold Uhuru’s re-election.

Wario said NASA lawyers have an uphill task in gathering evidence in all the 290 constituencies within a week.

“This is one election that was above board.”

“The US Government, which has among the best intelligence gathering agents in the world who could have detected anomalies, approved the polls.”

“I doubt NASA could come up with evidence that could overturn the results,” Wario said.

“I urge Raila to sober up.”

“Because he has opted to pursue the constitutionally provided channels, he should allow the court to decide and put this matter to rest without intimidating it,” Wario added.


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  1. It is sad that this country gets so crippled by one man's whims, dreams, illusions and an extremely inflated ego. If it is for us Kenyans that he fights, he and his generals would not make us so used to his intimidating rhetoric of, if he is not president , Kenya will burn.
    I wonder how the world has always been fooled by this man's pretense. The man has never fought for any ones rights or welfare but his greed for power. Liar.Read his name backwards and just add one vowel to know what he is.
    We hate his evil schemes to make his followers remain impoverished for his continuous use. We hate the way he keeps saying Kenyans this or that while this means just a small group of desperate people from his tribe that he misuses and sends to death as well.He calls a few chanting,menacing and looting hooligans Kenyans.
    He is a shame to this nation. Foreigners should stop funding him and his fake human rights bodies to cause bloodshed in this Nation and then turns around to be the accuser.
    Maina Kiai, Githongo, Gladwell Otieno,Makau Mutua and others cannot accept any other government but Raila's because together they form a fellowship of thieving beggars to enlarge their stomachs.All in pretense they are human rightists.
    May they also know,
    Mzungu except the racist one has also gotten to some new level of consciousness and knows they are the war lords in their motherland. They have to keep this nation in constant political trouble so that their coffers can never run dry. If there is peace they have no job and their cash cow runs dry. Shame on these traitors who auction their country, fuel for war so that they can keep getting funds from abroad. These are the gluttonous monsters we should be demonstrating against at the streets.Look at Maina Kiai haki. Hata kumwangalia tu anafanana na nini, na huwa anafikiria mzungu ni Mungu juu ya pesa.

  2. raila and his team are devils incarnates

  3. If you think your success is the envy of lazy failures, think again.In a state of 44 nations you cannot say it is democratic only when it is in your favour.

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