Stop using Live Bullets on post election demonstrators- Clergy Condemn Police.

Saturday, August 12, 2017- The clergy has condemned Kenyan police over the use of live ammo in breaking down post-election protests in Kisumu, Kibera and Mathare.

According to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) 24 people have so far been killed by the police since yesterday, when Uhuru was declared as duly elected president, through live bullets in Nairobi, Migori, Kisumu, Siaya and Homabay! 

The inter religious leaders  asked the Inspector General, Joseph Boinnet  to hold police to account for the type of force they will use to contain the demonstrations.

They called on opposition leaders to talk to their supporters and urged President Uhuru to unite the country after the bruising election.

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  1. Which bruising election?This election was won fair and square.I hope the clergy should tell RAO to tell educate his supporters the meaning of demos.These guys should stop looting and destruction in the name of demos.

  2. NASA collaborators, what clergy ? Why are they not asking RAO to concede and ask his supporters to calm down ? Time to heal and not take sides !

  3. I do not advocate for use of live bullets. Police can use other methods to scatter loudy crowds. However, every one of us can see the usual strategy Raila uses to win International sympathy and support. The opposition have on one side of mouth told their supporters to keep calm but on the other side telling them to keep vigilant for justice. They said they will not go to judicial court but court of public opinion. This definitely means having peoples children go to the streets with stones and tyres to confront with police. The opposition wants dead bodies to count so that the world can see Kenyans are fighting for him.
    If you look at the places where the youths are confronting with police, sorry and sad to say, it is low end places habitated by Railas ethnic community or his place of origin. That is not representative of the wish of Kenyans.
    We refuse that one ethnic community should always be used and referred to as Kenyans. The rest of us are eager to go back to business, regardless of whom we elected or who won.
    Unfortunately, Raila and his men/women are awaiting a a prolonged session of anarchy, even hoping it can escalate so that again there are negotiations for a coalition government. As Kenyans, such is not what we voted for.
    We therefore feel, should there be any negotiations, they should be around police avoiding use of live bullets, but mainly, negotiations to make Raila understand he lost and thus accept the situation though difficult and painful. Let him salvage his status and go home as a stateman who has a lot of wealth in tems of knowledge, and can be consulted every now and then.
    As for Orengo who is a diehard dissident(his history should be checked), let him be reminded he is past his university days and also time he had taken his nonsense as far as Tanzania and was driven back with his head in between his thighs the whole journey. Let him muzzle his political saddism this time for Kenya to move on. Let him stop giving Raila wrong advise in the hope that he will be the one controlling government yet he has already proven to be a tribalist, nepotist and a corrupt man who can never accept government headed by anyone else but themselves.

  4. I do not see the government allowing for anarchy or a degeneration to 2017 kind of thing as Raila sits to gather statistics of how many dead, how many injured. Even a fool knows a few could be sacrificed(because they have chosen)for the better good of protecting the country and majority.

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