See the big party RAILA has organized in STATE HOUSE on Saturday and everyone is invited-CANAAN is real!

Sunday August 6, 2017-NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has invited all Kenyans to a State House party on Saturday after winning the Tuesday’s General Election.

Speaking at Uhuru Park where NASA held its final campaign rally ahead of the General Election, Raila said he has no doubt that he will be the next President after Tuesday.

He noted that his election as the 5th President of Kenya was a done deal and just waiting to be confirmed on Tuesday through the ballot.

He called on Kenyans to join him in Canaan (State House) on Saturday to celebrate his much deserved win, saying unlike President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto with their kula nyama na wakenya kumeza mate, his Canaan is for all Kenyans.

The NASA leader also charged that President Uhuru Kenyatta will be a nobody after Tuesday.


  1. Once a day dreamer always a day dreamer! Baba keep dreaming. Your few supporters talk too much and very loudly while we many Uhuru supporters are silent and strategic.

  2. Questions:
    1.Are Mt. Kenyans according to Kalonzo invited for the State House Party or they will be making plans to 'LIE LOW"? I mean, "THOSE WHO THINK THEY KNOW HOW TO VOTE" according to you Mr. President.
    .are you still taking people's property and giving it for free or cheaply to those who have done nothing to improve on their lives while waiting for UJAMAA-SOCIALISM ambapo utataifisha mali.
    Some of your goons are still occupying houses they do not own;houses they took over from "those who know how to vote" during your orchestrated PEV Mr. President.

  3. Naona hio canaan ikibadilika Migingo

  4. wet dreams are sweet.keep dreaming

  5. That is a pipe dream, a dream you have been having since 1982 and it will not materialize any time soon.

  6. God forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No presidency for Raila in Kenya because our God (NGAI) lives. Watch this space. Kenya is a Christian country and I can't believe that GOD can give the mantle to rule Kenya to a devil worshipper and a pagan. There is no other Canaan as we are already there. Uhuru has the favour of God. Period.

  7. Prepare yourself to go to hospital after the shock of your life. Uhuru will beat you hands down and send you on a permanent retire. We all wish you good retirement in Bondo.

  8. release of new videos by al-shabab shows a working relationship with NASA meaning they are the fifth column working with the enemy. This is espionage in totality.

  9. release of new videos by al-shabab shows a working relationship with NASA meaning they are the fifth column working with the enemy. This is espionage in totality.

  10. jamaa anaambia wasichana wasiolewe atasimamia mahitaji yao yote ni mlongo sana.


  12. Canaan? how about the other kenyans like muslims, budhists,sikhs, banyans and atheists? the guy is clueless?

  13. keep dreaming at least it is not a nightmare it is a sweet one. But just like other dream, you will wake up to reality and I hope you will realize that it was just a dream!

  14. I pray the medics who will prep Raila to hospital from shock don't drop him in the maternity ward.

  15. @ 22.48
    Ondoch Meru.

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