RAILA’s man collapses at Bomas after an altercation with IEBC CEO, EZRA CHILOBA(DETAILS)

 Thursday, August 10, 2017-One of the NASA Secretariat staff members was rushed to hospital after he collapsed.

Norman Magaya , who at Bomas as a NASA agent, was reportedly involved in an altercation with President Uhuru’s Personal assistant, Jomo Gecaga,  MP Kimani Ichungwa and IEBC CEO, Ezila Chiloba,  at around 1.00 AM on Wednesday.

According to NASA communication team, Magaya collapsed when he was arguing with Ezila Chiloba, who was attempting to eject NASA team from Bomas after they started creating commotion.

The NASA team led by Magaya  was exchanging harsh words with Uhuru Kenyatta's men Jomo Gecaga and Kimani Ichungwa.

He was rushed to hospital where he was found to be suffering from a mild-heart attack.

 He is currently in a stable condition at a city hospital.

Raila has visited him in the hospital.


  1. quick recovery brother

  2. ukitembea na wazimu utakuwa wazimu,Yaliyo ndwele sipite

  3. ubilee are a white man's puppets. Uhuru has for many years been a puppet for the white man. Uhuru's wife has Germans roots and in fact the eurobond loot was a whiteman's work. Uhuru was aided and imposed to the Kenyans by a white man during the 2013 elections. The white man is concerned with Raila's willingness to rob kenya of its resources. The European unions and the USA observers want status quo remain so they may continue fleecing the country. There is a huge force pushing for Uhuru's re-elections behind this elections. One : we have the Mt Kenya mafias who are dogs or attack dogs of the white man's agenda. Now IEBC is split. There are commissioners who are for the truth and those who are acting like buttons of the mt Kenya mafias and of the white man. NASA won fair and square. mt Kenya mafias controlled media is and has been working overtime to portray Raila as a victim and a blood thirst for power while it is the opposite. If jubilee had numbers then why kill msando.? If IEBC was genuine in its results why not wait until they have all the 34A and 34 B-C before they begun showing fake results. IEBC staffers are being forced or coerced into lying to Kenyans. They announce fake results and then delay those forms with an aim of altering them to match what they announced using text messages. IEBC is divided. Justice will prevail. NASA will not allow robbed system this time. Any mt kenya sycophant may bark and vomit all their fake and rant as much as they can but it is long overdue. Most comments are based on tribal affiliation but NASA is speaking very sincere. The system was hacked. No thief will admit that they are thieves! Why does mt Kenya mafias want to force NASA admit and concede defeat on false , cooked results hurriedly? It is evident that some white journalists are asking NASA very stupid questions to trick Nasa into revealing their source of information so that they may act upon it. The whiteman's sole agenda is status quo and use Africa puppets like uhuruto.

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