RAILA’s ardent supporter has a message for him as he prepares to retire to Bondo(READ)

To the Rt Hon. Raila Odinga
Dear Sir. I voted you in because I have high regards and Esteem for you. However your plans for Kisii, Narok and Kajiado failed, Bungoma failed us too. Sir you asked us to go to the streets for Change and I followed you. I have supported you since 2007. 
Its your time to relay us the favour. Please do not let Kenya burn because of your ambitions. I am neither Kamba, Luo or Kikuyu. I am a Kenyan who has always been supportive of you. Baba. 

You can choose to watch Kenya Burn or you can accept and show your leadership qualities that I have always admired. Kenya is watching I am watching... Victims of the 2007/2008 Elections are watching. Do the right thing.
You son


  1. We are asking Raila to let our country move on. How comes he never loses? We are sick of him holding this country at ransom all the time since 1982.
    Let him like a statesman accept that he is popular but lacks capacity to garner majority vote.
    Raila give us a break and let us work!

  2. Yes Raila must do the right thing like a true leader. he should NOT and must NEVER complain when they rig him out. He must be a Gentleman and go home.

  3. I have always said. KENYA will never have peace when this idiot is alive. I really hate him now.

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