RAILA ODINGA’s victory was stolen by UHURU/ RUTO and this is how - AfriCOG’s GLADWELL OTIENO

…lot of money purchasing equipment meant to boost the election's credibility but that "progress is barely visible".

“We have the same amount of failures that we experienced in 2013, even with the new technology.”

“We have noted numerous irregularities during the whole election process,” Otieno said.

"The 2013 election was not fair and credible.”

“Electronic systems to prevent irregularities failed, IEBC did not have an official voter register and unfortunately in 2017 they did not have it either, “she added.

Gladwell’s poll findings come days after National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential loser, Raila Odinga, filed a case at the Supreme Court challenging Uhuru Kenyatta’s win.

In the petition, Raila alleged that the IEBC systems were hacked to favour Uhuru in the poll.


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  1. George Soros funds Africog (African Centre for Open Governance) and expected it to challenge Uhuru-Ruto’s election while NASA takes the civil disobedience route. The same George Soros was a few weeks ago trying to send KShs 530 million to Raila’s daughter. When the government disorganized Africog through threat of deregistration, NASA decided to go Supreme Court since the Africog option was no longer tenable. All these noises are to justify to one George Soros to continue pouring money for a lost cause. Can’t these Kenyans earn money in other ways, rather than going to American billionaires for handouts?

  2. Would you say the same if the boot was on the other foot ? We all know Gladwell Otieno is just repaying the Odinga's for standing with her mother against the Kager Clan in the 80/90's.

  3. the more you read about these nasa ,jubilee ,africog... stories the more you get annoyed.Tuachie maraga kazi yake kenya iende mbele!-- Kariuki Mwangi

  4. mapua kama horn ya pick-up

  5. Let this dirt of scam human rights organizations be dealt with in this country. They are all fake and led by gready people who want shortcuts in all aspects of life. These are people with troubled spirits that wish to live above everybody else at whatever cost. There is no time they will ever feel they are 'THERE'. They use their fake organizations to siphon cash for personal use,and life at the upper end without sweat but just a bit of hullabaloo here and there. They are smart!!

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