RAILA ODINGA is a perennial loser and a political conman! Former IEBC boss, ISAACK HASSAN, says

..civil society groups to frustrate him over election rigging claims.

“In a country with no culture of conceding electoral defeat, three-and-a-half years were spent by these Opposition leaders honing a sense of victimhood to the effect that the presidential elections were rigged,” Hassan said in the new memoir that will hit the shelves soon.

The former IEBC boss says that after unanimously upholding Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory, Raila singled him out and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga for “special criticism”.

Hassan concludes by saying Raila is the biggest political conman in the history of Kenya’s politics.


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  1. In agreement, LIER, CONMAN AND ALWAYS NO 1. Mara hii anaenda Bondo akaendeleshe hiyo AGENDA huko.

  2. Kwanza Akalie bodaboda na hao watu wake wakirusha mawe

  3. very true mr hassan. very true! and if we may ask, and who are you??? an angel from heaven on earth or from hell on earth. every man has something to hide in life. the word of GOD says in all the books that no man is perfect. so who are you mr hassan. well this time round mr hassan watch GOD in action. No one knows where heaven is. No one knows where GOD is. No one has ever seen GOD. I know you know that there is a GOD. have you seen Him hassan. when GOD will show Himself everyone will be crying and wishing to hide from shame. I promise you hassan and the rest that GOD will show up this time round and many will be crying. JUSTICE is COMING TO THIS COUNTRY. Which we never pray for in the first place. BUT GOD is coming to teach us to pray for JUSTICE. TO DO JUSTICE. TO LIVE JUSTICE. TO SPEAK JUSTICE. TO SEE JUSTICE DONE. TO IMPLEMENT JUSTICE. TO FULFILL JUSTICE IN THIS LAND. NO ONE CAN STOP GOD NOW. REPEAT NO ONE CAN AND WILL NOT STOP GOD FROM STAMPING JUSTICE IN THIS LAND. GOD IS VERY JUST. WHEN GOD SENDS JUSTICE NO ONE WILL SEE THE ANGEL BUT THE EFFECTS WILL BE FELT IN THE LAND. GOD ALMIGHTY FATHER COME AND STAMP JUSTICE IN THIS LAND THAT PEOPLE MAY FEAR YOU. ALL HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR STATUTES AND HAVE GONE THEIR WAYS. LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL THAT YOU HAVE AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR THE WAY YOU LOVE YOURSELF. DO WE??? DO WE LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR??? OR WE CALL THEM NAMES AND SEND THEM TO THE GRAVES. LORD GOD HAVE MERCY AND STAMP YOUR JUSTICE IN THIS LAND. NEVER AGAIN SHOULD WE DESTROY OUR NEIGHBOR BUT LOVE THEM, IN JESUS' MIGHTY NAME WE ASK. AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN.

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