RAILA ODINGA is minced meat! See what ISAAC RUTO said in Bomet ahead of the Supreme Court ruling

..resentment with anyone and so we urge you to leave those people in the other camp and join us.” he said.

Rutto did not, however, say whether he will leave NASA.  

But said “I will soon be telling you of my next move before the Supreme Court ruling.”

This is a big blow to Raila Odinga who had insisted that NASA principals will stick together even after the Supreme Court ruling.

Last week, Raila and his men went to the Supreme Court to challenge Kenyatta’s win.


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  1. NASA is a premature baby that just missed being a 'still born' baby whose papa is Mudavadi and being a westerner, he has to keep tha baby now that the step mama has failed once more to bring his own political pregnancy to gull term because as usual the miscarage once again happened st the 11th hr on the operating table at the IEBC referral and teaching maternity independent hospital where the new OBGYN Dr. WWC is president of the Board. Previous still births for the step mum had been blamed on the then OBGYN Dr. IH on the ground he mixed up the live and dead babies, at the delivery labor ward after a prolonged labor. The step mum has managed to have D. IH kicked out plus all the assisting interns and the chief midwife who was implicated9 in serious feasting on some British made synthetic chicken. Ten years ago, the same step mum had yet an other serious gyn problem where bleeding was quite extensive but Dr K from SA managed to stop it and stabilize her for Dr. KA to prescribe a high dose of Half sliced Loaf that calmed her down but not without causing serious furry among her friends who were in fact expecting twins of a boy and a girl as far as the USound could tell. It's quite sad that step mum is now resorting dark forces for a new order of sustained pregnancy and with her advanced age many international OBGYNs fear she could easily blow out unless managed in the unitary framework. There is danger that the tech quacks that are misadvising on this pathway do not have her interests at heart and only look and feel the weight of her daughter owned cso's bank account balance. At the present time PPP has also been suggested by centralized thinking tech head wo sees the bullet being the next best option to the ballot that has for four straight attempted deliveries failed to bring forth a live ofspring. It's this PPP economist heading the centralized tech counsel's iterlectual pursuit to divorce the disgruntled wing from the progressive icon, now in the works.

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