MUTAHI NGUNYI reveals IEBC plans to install RAILA President even after declaring UHURU the winner

..his Deputy, William Ruto, to be extra vigilant because Raila Odinga could be declared President by his IEBC mole.

He said there is something sinister happening and the commission may end up declaring Raila the real President even after the commission affirmed Uhuru as the winner of last week’s contest.

Ngunyi noted that all the intel Raila has been receiving was from his mole in the IEBC and who is planning a coup against Uhuru.

NASA has a MOLE in IEBC. He has NO NAME. NOW they want the MOLE to DECLARE Raila President. Tyranny of LIES.’’ Mutahi said.


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  1. Mutahi Ngunyi is the biggest MOLE i dont know for who....just shut up.

  2. Very good wishful thinking there Mutahi. But can't you see that the Supreme Court will soon be on trial.

  3. Ngunyi has no relevance

  4. He was proven to be a fake analyst. Baba respects Kenya's constitution and is going to the Supreme Court

  5. Mutahi Nguyi please give kenyans a break after the youth fund claims you have no authority its only because you are gurading your ill stolen wealth

  6. What is eating this Ngunyi guy? Is he high on something?

  7. I am a supporter of Raila and NASA but believe it or not, Uhuru won the Presidency. Please stop wasting time, on a road to nowhere! The results will be same as 2013.

  8. Yesterday, I saw a small creation of Mutahi Ngunyi on K24, the theories in the video clip was like NAZI's propaganda. They contain things like "the civil society is an appendage of Raila." I doubt whether, he is objective any more.

  9. Jubilee's bigwigs like that the current filing at the Supreme Court is weak, but I say it is stronger. It is like a revolver with all pockets loaded. They can challenge the vote count, they can challenge the process, and they have a good size of evidence.

  10. Mutahi, you've now run out of ideas. Take a back seat on this

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