MUTAHI NGUNYI explains why DAVID NDII is behaving like mad person - This is bad for his family

..criticism from Kenyans and leaders alike.

However, Mutahi Ngunyi tried to explain why the fast fading economist is behaving like a mad person in the streets.

Ngunyi said Ndii is reacting because NASA leaders were blaming him for the loss of the August 8th presidential election.

“When madness of a nation disturbs a solitary mind; it is not enough to call him mad. NASA blames David Ndii for loss. Is he disturbed or mad?"  Ngunyi asked.

 However, opposition supporters attacked Ngunyi saying he should focus on his life and leave the Opposition alone.


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  1. Ndii knows very well that only luos are going to protest.he knows that only luos are going o be killed.he doesn't care about luo lives.he hates luos with a passion.could he be a kikuyu mole in nasa.why has he never been arrested like the others such as moses kuria?he only wants luos to die

  2. Ndii is not mad.He represents what is in 50 pc of kenyans hearts.since certain people want to be presidents and custodians of everything in kenya forever,they can can be given chance to be permanent custodians of everything in their country by dividing the country to give the segragated their own country

  3. Ndii having been NASA'S HEAD OF STRATEGY CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO BEHAVE AND REACT DIFFERENTLY TOWARDS ELECTION RESULTS. HE HAS TO CONVINCE NASA?RAILA that he did his part perfectly. Thus,elections were rigged. He is as well certain they are likely to lose again, so calling for bloodshed.
    As Kenyans we are tired of being pushed to accept that Kenya is Raila, his lies and his goons.If he does not rule, Kenya burns. What an oxymoron! Kenya burning means us burning(and we have burned severally since 82). So when Kenya burns, whose president is Raila supposed to be! We never meant anything to him. It is power for power's sake. Period! Same for the Civil/Human Rights 'champions' in this country.

  4. Well said Anon. at 13.26
    Some decisions are painful to take home if they don't present the expected results.
    Scapegoating and threats remain the only exit strategy.I will put it as I see it: Ndii is wounded and true, together with most of the losers in the last polls should be tested for mental imbalance. They are hurting terribly and may need both clinical psychological counseling and treatment to help them come back to reality

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