MAKAU MUTUA insists once again that he will not recognize UHURU as the President of Kenya

..last week’s election was rigged in favour of President Kenyatta and that is the reason he can’t recognize him as the President of the Republic of Kenya.

I am where I was in 2013. And I am NOT moving an inch. NADA,” Makau wrote.

The SINS of 2013 have been COMPOUNDED. That's why as a matter of my CONSCIENCE I CAN'T - and WON'T - RECOGNIZE Uhuru Kenyatta as President,” Makau added.

In 2013, Makau refused to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as the legally elected President of the Republic of Kenya.


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  1. What does it matter if one hopeless Makau Mutua fails to recognize the president. Since he failed to between 2013 and now, has he failed to be one nationally and internationally.
    some efforts are just in futility and you do not expect them from a professor -though he failed the test as professor anyway.
    just the other day Makau you were explaining how Uhuru will beat Raila. My take is ,it is insane men who are disturbing this great Nation out of frustrated personal interests.

  2. mmacow mutua is not a kenyan citizen he have nothing to do with our leaders at all including raila odinga

  3. I wonder whether this guy is really a legal scholar. You can be learned but not wise. Wisdom is just not in him, period!!

  4. SO?just a perennial loser.Utter failure.

  5. Can somebody remind me who Makau is.

  6. Just stay there, no one needs you anywhere else. You do not need to recognize President Uhuru, but Kenya moves on. Sorry.

  7. i have never heard of this kamba fool

  8. I still maintain he should go home and help his villagers instead of day dreaming in America of a raila presidency because it will never happen and so he will never revisit state house.

  9. That will not cause Uhuru a single sleepless night Mister

  10. Hahahahahahah!!!

    The stupid Professor is back. You don't have to recognize Uhuru as president because you are not a Kenyan. Uhuru is the President of Kenya not America. I know one day you'll eat your own vomit. Good day "Professor"


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