IEBC exposes itself badly live on Citizen TV, RAILA may be rigged out and retire to Bondo(EVIDENCE)

IEBC is facing serious credibility issues in their election results transmission system after their test run exposed the possibility of an embedded algorithm within their data matrix manipulation that automatically reduced the % and number of votes streamed for Dr. Odinga
All Presidential candidates were each awarded 218 votes but the IEBC result reporting system registered 217 votes for Mr. Odinga, a discrepancy of a significant error of 0.06. It is curious to note that % discrepancy of 19.6 million total registered voters as reflected on the national voters register is 1.176 million, the exact number of extra presidential ballot papers that IEBC has printed for the 2017 presidential elections.
When Chiloba was asked on JK Live he said it was a typographical error. How now? They should repeat this again in full public glare and this should be done on Monday to ensure it’s not done again. Anybody out there?
Lastly as we observe peace among ourselves, we hope that IEBC will deliver to Kenyans a Free, Fair and Credible Elections.

  1. Am finished yawa

  2. This is propaganda and should not be taken seriously by any Kenyan.

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