I will not recognize KEN LUSAKA as my Speaker - WETANGULA swears even after taking oath of office

...the former Bungoma Governor and said he will not hide it.

He added that he would rather die than recognize him as his Speaker.

However, Lusaka extended a hand of friendship to Wetangula saying he was ready to put aside their political differences for the good of Kenya.

“I will extend my hand of goodwill to work with him.”

“Let us come together, our small differences should not blind us from serving our people,” Lusaka said.


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  2. Wetangula is the Bigger thief he was bribed by BAT and he also Ate our Embassy in Tokyo shame on you . We shall request the Kikuyu wife to do the usual beating again

  3. Even Wetangula stole all the money for the building a new Kenya Embassy, Japan. He should have rotted in jail by now but took advantage of weak judicial system in Kenya. Weta too bad, Ken is now your boss. Vindu vichenjanga....lolest

  4. First of all Weta, Who is a thief? Do you consider yourself a saint after what happened in Tokyo, Japan? In my opinion, you are the biggest thief. By the way You don't have a choice- you must call him "Mr. Speaker Sir" and take this to the bank. Do not eat back your vomit like a dog!!!! Lets wait to see who blinks first Hon. Weta-ng'ura.

  5. ken lusaka thief of tokyo japan , bat?? hahaa!!! nyani haoni kudele....

  6. Allegations only, what of Tokyo embassy scandal where parliaments tyranny of numbers saved you

  7. Rather die?No ---naombea maadui wangu waishi siku ***%%$###@****ili ninapbarikiwa WAJIONEE NA MACHO! THE LAST TIME I REMEMBER YOU YOU WERE CALLING UHURU -Nyani! Sasa utamwita President mpaka he retires! Kumbe nyani haioni kuduleeeeee? Who sold Japan embassy house? You misled your body guard to disobey a lawful order- now help him! WATU KAMA WEWE NDIO MABIBI WANATANDIKA KWELI KWELI COZ of behaving like IDIOTS! Prof Mwamaka

  8. Ken Lusaka is speaker for entire senate and kenyans not for corrupt wetangula and man battered by wives....

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