GATHONI wa MUCHOMBA apologises to Kiambu residents after she demanded for a salary increment

Tuesday August 24, 2017 - Kiambu Women Representative elect, Gathoni wa Muchomba, has apologised to Kiambu County electorate for demanding a salary increment.

On Wednesdaythe novice politician, who was elected to Parliament for the first time as Kiambu Women Rep, openly opposed SRC’s bid to slash their salary.

She said she needs a good salary that can cater for her needs forgetting that she was elected by the people to serve them.

By Thursday morning, Kiambu residents were filling forms for…

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  1. kupenda pesa kama malaya ya koinange. stupid whore

  2. Iko wapi hiyo form Nijaze ? She should be on the next wheelbarrow to her house!

  3. Wamuchomba, ego issues or what? " I want to be paid well. I want to be honored for who I am". We should have known it was honor and money that brought you out to us.

  4. shetani. kikuyu napenda pesa kama malaya. shame on you kikuyus. you are like cursed faggots.

  5. These MPSs truly irk with their flimsy reasons for rejecting a pay cut. They should be honored for who they are ,of course versus the rest of us foolish ones who instead of asking for votes to gain honor too, go taking votes to them.We probably do not understand the true value of votes.
    Wamuchomba says she wants good pay because people are elected because they qualify. Thus, the hundreds of thousands who qued to vote for her did so because of the despair of being under qualified, yet wanting to be represented. Millie got poorer when she joined parliament yet I guess she is the specially anointed one for that job. If she left it to go engage in what grants her back her former glory of riches, no one else would resurface to represent her people. Poor Mbita and Kiambu constituents who failed in educating enough of their other children!
    I do not know for how long Gathoni has suffered indecency that now it is her time to recapture that, I wonder how. They fear with a salary of 621,00 we might turn them into beggars, probably like all the other Kenyan workers particularly in public service earning less than 20,000K, yet they attend funerals, church harambees even more frequently and take care of extended families.
    Gathoni feels justified for a pay hike in her new engagement because they MPs are going to take care of other people's interests. Oh my! Did we force her? Does she understand the value of being a representative through the ballot? Has she ever heard of servant leadership? She comes in as such a boss and really gets betrayed by her village girl's mentality of getting a better job. It is a shock that with all the opportunity and exposure she has had,she still seems to have village hung ups.
    We can just tell them that now we clearly read where their intentions were in all that pretense. They harbor a Marie Antoinette, Immelda Marcos or Grace Mugabes's kind of attitude. They are not with us and our issues-they have arrived.
    They legitimize vices of bribe to voters, while if no one bribed, that culture of expectancy among voters would die.Kangata Irungu is a senator.
    They need to tone down on their expenditure. Why does Milly not find it insulting to tell voters that she pays 300K mortgage per month? Why can she not live in a house where she can pay less as mortgage? Where did she take the riches she had before becoming an MP if She had not completed mortgage payments? Do they hear of politicians in developed world starting lives of extreme opulence known to our politicians for winning people's votes? Let these people not take the electorate for fools. We clearly see their goal is to change class at our expense. They inherited this from mzungu mweusi-the politician who took over after independence. We also inherited the subservience of the masses of colonial and post colonial times, but, politicians had better wake up and smell the coffee. Vindu vichenjaga. The tide is different. We weigh them from very far and should they pretend enough and bypass our gauge, we watch them and listen to them keenly and now we wish to impeach Wamuchomba. Should she escape, we shall not have forgotten her language of "I want..... I deserve...." while it is us who should want and deserve from her. She spoke her heart and her mind. If good acts are performed with insincere motives, the true motive still surfaces within no time. We have parted ways!

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