GATHONI wa MUCHOMBA apologises to Kiambu residents after she demanded for a salary increment

..Wa Muchomba's impeachment.

However, speaking on Thursday, Wa Muchomba apologized to Kiambu residents and said she is happy with the salary she will get.

“I will gladly and humbly accept whatever Sarah Serem delivers to us,” she said.

She also said she regrets the sentiments she made earlier on a TV show about the MPs’ salary.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta has blasted MPs over a plot to contest SRC’s recommendation to slash allowances.

Uhuru said he will not sign a law for MPs’ salary increment.


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  1. There are thousands of women in Kiambu who want to serve Kenya for less than half what she is getting.
    She can still go back to kameme if she does not want the pay. unaona mutu fubafu huyu mwanamke hapa, mjinga.

  2. Arudishe ujinga yake kwa kameme. nguruwe.

  3. Continue signing those forms. Let her be an example to other mpigs that wananchi ndio boss. Do you know even how you office looks like before threating Serem? Kiambu toa yeye awe funzo.

  4. HAAA, Wamuchomba, your goose is already roasted even before you start. How dare you say you need to be honored according to who you are.Kwani who are you? Whom have you become overnight? Have you already become more honorable than the voting masses that handed you the throne? Thank GOD you lack the tact to help you hide your motive in your newly found position.Thank you for making us Kiambu people know in good time that your heart and mind are not with us but with your stomach. You lack the mind of a servant leader. You are a boss. Whose boss? Ours? And our votes? I never voted for you Wamuchomba in the preliminaries and I should have avoided peer pressure in the main one.
    Not that you would not have made it without my single vote, but I would be at peace with my conscience which disturbed me a lot on the evening of 8th for having voted for you. By the way I was with my 82 year old mum today and she is very mad at you. She wishes for a chance to see you and give you a piece of her mind.
    Kiambu people are very intelligent and serious voters. We accept your apology and forgive you,but at the same time, you have given us a chance to see through your personality quite in good time. We hear you are very good at speaking your mind and very resiliently so. However, hii si redio, ni siasa-our votes. You display lack of heart for the common mwananchi even those with an education as yours but cannot take home 50K at the end of the month. Yet, they still help others.

    Tukutane kwa debe 2022.

  5. gathoni should not even be sworn in. she is one of those people who fail the president... atajilisha, avae, akalie wasee kwa kichwa ndio aitwe mheshimiwa. she hsould be impeached aende kabisa kabisa kabisa... we dont want her anymore na ajue kiambu hatutaki pesa ya kuhongwa we vote koz its our right not because we have been given 200/=

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