Forget secession talks, we will never divide Kenya into two! MURKOMEN tells RAILA and his surrogates

..primitive talk that will only remain an illusion.”

“In the 21stcentury regions and continents are coming together.”

“In East Africa, we are talking of a political and economic federation.”

“Somebody who then tells you that for instance Turkana can be a country is just being backward," Murkomen said.

Murkomen said the talk has come as a result of opposition leader, Raila Odinga's electoral loss for the fourth time and he wants to divide Kenyans along tribal lines.

“We know he is going through denials and struggles within himself as there seems to be no chance for him to stand in 2022.”

“But I think he will still be a candidate, but as Kenyans we should help him to come to terms with it and in other two weeks, he will accept and allow the country to move on together," he said.


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  1. Mr. Murkomen people have a right to divorce and leave when they have had enough. What do you have to loose.

  2. Murkomen it is up to you to choose which way you want to go.We will leave your country where impunity has become the law. So do not worry no one is asking you to come a long.

  3. This is the arrogance which characterize this two tribes. To them it is only them who know, have feelings and have rights. This is why we must all arise and say enough is enough and quit this forced marriage. It is not working. We accept we are stupid, and poor beggars as the Murkomens' put it and that is why we must leave them to be happy and they must also be ready to lets us go. All divorce are hectic and somehow degenerates to hardline positions and we are ready. This is a bandit government; whether we are peaceful they are determined to eliminate us all and they have repeatedly demonstrated it; see the case of baby Pendo. In this regard we must stand up and die fighting than to die just as such.

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