Did UHURU/ RUTO force KIDERO to concede defeat against SONKO? MUDAVADI drops a bombshell!

..contest and annul the election of opponents,” Musalia noted. 

“The most disturbing feature of this arbitrary political pressure to concede defeat is that it involves threats and intimidation particularly by waving the spectre of prosecution, unwarranted and

excessive tax assessments and demands, and interference with legitimate business or other enterprises.” Musalia added.

Musalia spoke hours after former Nairobi Governor, Dr Evans Kidero, conceded defeat to Mike Sonko and pledged to work with the Jubilee Government for the sake of peace and prosperity of Kenyans.


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  1. we wina ngoma

  2. The opposition seems to be looking to get the public's attention through all sorts of allegations. They have forgotten that they did the same during nominations. They should wait for the court to decide on their petition and let the public be.

  3. I didnt this clown is this dump ...come again that jubilee is coercing who to concede wonder where u come from thats what a competition asks of u n kidero knows that too well unlike u pple who refuse to concede for the sake of it ..lemme me inform no one will give u nusu mkate if thats y u refuse to concede so that u wont swallow ua ego pple like kidero isaac dont belong to your side coz hamjielewi but kenyans tunawaonea mbali..r u not the same who vame to give prders that iebc declare Raiya coz he got more votes haha where from ur cloud or agination or dreamland next time time get to the end of your dreams before opening that fat mouth or u thot kidero would bed to your sly lies to disenfranchise kenyans ....I salute kidero he knows when to bow ...shame on u ...u r clueless

  4. Looks like some of these guys are loco after feeding on loco weeds like black in those sudden novels. A guy shamelessly asking IEBC to declare rao prezzo is beyond lunacy.

  5. Oh my God, not again! Let's face, the son of Musa Mudamba Mdvd should be the very last NASA innovaters ever to speak since his prototype NASA machine just managed to kick start as a turn-key proto project but could not move an inch and was a total failure on its maiden flight to Cannan. Mdvd jr ought to thank RAO profusely for uplifting his profile at national level beyond his imagination after his dismal performance in 2013's presidential election. This time round, his only notable creativity was this ill fated NASA ship that was expected to take to the sea at the Kilindini habour under Capt. RAO, but failed leave the port after being loaded with 'Angles' like Joho, Kidero, Muruttu, Malombe, Kingi, Rasanga, Hassan Omar, Obado etc. The assisting junior coxwaines Kalonzo, Wetangula and mechanic Issac joined by over 6.7 million sailors proved too heavy a burden and may be that was a bad design tech flaw that not even the main fiancial giant that invested over 80% of the total cost overlooked as he apraised the NASA project proposal which was over the top from a marketing perspective. I bet there was just too much drama which only helped to woo brilliant minds in norrow spheres such Ndei, Oloo, Maisori and othet self proclaimed analysts only good for TV talk shows and novice legal players of all shades that were indeed delighted to be on TV which will may be help boost their young practices. As we once had Nyayo pioneer car so now did we also have a NASA ship that had been expected to cross the Jordan waterway into the ellusive Cannan county of the lethal chang'aa and busaa instead if the biblical Cannan of milk, olive oil, dates, wheat, milk and honey, that the real Joshua was asked by Moses to lead his people to by God's grace.

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