CHILOBA says RAILA ODINGA and his men have no case at the Supreme Court - They will see dust!

…presenting the 54,000-page documentation comprising the original Forms 34As, 34Bs and 34Cs all bound in 106 volumes to the Supreme Court, Chiloba said IEBC had audited the documents and confirmed they were intact and no mischief was involved.

“The voting, tallying, transmission and verification of the results was beyond reproach,” Chiloba said.

The CEO reiterated that IEBC had complied with the law and the Constitution by supervising a free, fair and credible election.

“The outcome of the exercise proved its integrity,” he added.


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  1. COMFORT TO KENYA (Please share widely on whatssup too)
    Beloved many have asked me why I'm. Not calling for prayer on the court issue by NASA. It's simple, we went before the highest court on 7/7, the video is here and on YouTube on the channel Apostle Kathy Kageni-Oganga all shared before the elections. God said it is finished. I have peace that all will be well and God's favor on the President has not moved. And it is time for people to realize this Nation is ruled by God and on the knees of the Church. The true Church that is the remnant which has prayed and fasted for the will of God then spoken that will of God as led by the Spirit of God. He is Holy, He speaks the will of the Father and what He says comes to pass and it did.

    Second, I have also been asked about Mr. David Ndii and the move to split Kenya and why we are not praying. Again, God gave us a prophesy which we will upload on YouTube today for ease of reference and I felt led to share it again after the elections this month amidst insults by a few so it can be found on Solo Church of God Facebook Page. The video is called Divide the baby. Does it make sense now? David Ndii and anyone else can try to go against God but no matter which donkey they flog just like Balaam when the angel of the Lord blocks your way the donkey won't move. In fact it will speak if you cannot hear God or the prophets of God. Also, NASA would not move to try to split the Nation unless they realize they have a weak case which cannot stand in court so they are on plan B. They can move to C, D, E, F but no-one comes against God and wins. Sometimes people are even struck by God when they insist on defying Him and we keep pleading with God that people would repent and realize when God is working not for a tribe, not for a man but for the destiny of the Nation.

    Finally my heart is mostly moved to the flock that has refused to believe that President Uhuru has been appointed by God. I'm told Bible studies are breaking with many asking if God hears only a tribe. Can I ask as the Galatians were asked "Who has bewitched you?!" that you do not even recognize when our Father in heaven moves or speaks? Many have seen the prophesy videos but have refused to listen. It doesn't help that many false prophets said Rails would win the election casting confusion. Now on this last paragraph I have dwelt with heavy prayer. For the body of Christ. For the hurting and for the rebellion to end and for people to fall to their knees and repent. For men and women of God to speak firmly as God has spoken and unite the Church. Arise against the demons of division, of hatred and of blasphemy that are trying to bring down the children of God. They must leave the land in Jesus name. Pray for the children of God. Share the videos even if you face insults, some will find peace in hearing what God said and is still saying.

    May the Spirit of God comfort Kenya and bring us on our knees to receive and accept ghetto will of God in all our lives now and always. Not our will Lord but thine be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

    Apostle Kathy Kageni-Ognga
    Sozo Church of God

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