ANN WAIGURU is dirty and corrupt! See what she did to a woman who gave her money to campaign.

…not also recognize her,” said Ngirici.

The tycoon also revealed that together with her husband, they provided resources for Ms Waiguru when she was starting her campaigns for the Governship.

“After sacrificing too much to have Ms Waiguru elected, she is now turning against me,” she said.

She also said she skipped Waiguru’s swearing in ceremony because she had intelligence that Waiguru had organized goons to heckle her.

“My intelligence informed me that there was a plan to humiliate me once again and that is why I failed to attend the swearing in ceremony of Ms Waiguru,” she said.


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  1. Wakikuyu in general wako na shida.
    Those who have are so proundcand those who dont have want to work less for more and further steal.
    Many have pile of pesa in bank while siblings die ofcsimple ailments or relatives drop from school........its precaution since if one helps one who benefits do not turn back and remember them...

  2. Kila mtu in general ako na shida!

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