All international observers abandon RAILA ODINGA high and dry-UHURU beat you fair and square

Friday August 11, 2017-National Super Alliance (NASA) flag bearer Raila Odinga has rejected the IEBC results of the Presidential race which put President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of him.

According to Raila and NASA, the results being announced by IEBC are doctored results after the hacking of its system.

This came even as all the international observers sided with the IEBC, saying it conducted free, fair and transparent election.

The observers differed sharply with Raila Odinga over his rigging claims, telling him to accept the defeat and move on.

They urged Raila Odinga and his team to go to court to challenge the results if he thinks were manipulated to favour Uhuru instead of subjecting the country to another round of post election violence with his unsubstaniated claims.

“It is better to be a gracious loser than a sore loser, and while it is difficult to lose, one should be gracious. In an election, both the winner and loser can both be winners, because interest is voters,” John Mahama of the Commonwealth Observer team said.


  1. Nobody has ever stolen any election from Raila Odinga. He is only extremely power hungry with a big dream of being 'Mr. President'. He loves to be adored and worshiped. He loves to be at the helm and lead a cartel government with a few Kikuyu mafias and others with desire to play along. A Raila government would be the worst ever in Kenya. Those with analytical minds know it. Unfortunately, to meet his selfish ends, he picked on the most convincing vehicle to ride on; "Democrat",that he never is. Study how parties under his leadership run. His word is always law and uses goons to punish anyone who dares go against him. His daughter was recently heard to lament over her diseased brother saying had he been alive, he would be busy organizing goons for his fathers campaigns. The scenario would have been quite different she said. It is true, his campaigns have not been very violent this time round. We have not seen the men in black whom the son used to organize out of poor people's sons and daughters at KIBRA.He would put their necks on the line. The poorer they remained to be at KIBRA, the better for Raila's use. He has stopped many development programs there. He is quick to unleash violence upon dissenting voices;which is what he wants to do even now.
    In 2007, he planned and executed violence against Kenyans and applied craftiness, made use of personal interests to come out as the accuser.It was a very sad time for Kenya. He is smart at whipping tribal emotions, particularly keen on setting up all other Kenyans against others of a specific region, Mt. Kenya. This just for the purposes of gathering enough numbers that can enable him ascend to his coveted position.
    It has been unfortunate that the world had not cared to understand this man. Unfortunately, with others of ill will against Africa or out of believing that he is concerned about human rights and justice, funding him heftily through the decades to support his evil desires.
    He hates Kenyans of a certain region so much that he would love to see others wipe them out of the face of this country.He works out propaganda that these Kenyans are thieves. It is true in Kenya there are a lot of thieves of public funds which is unfortunate, but they cut across the tribes if Kenyas economic history were to be studied well by those interested. Raila and his people have their own scandals but he has been too powerful such that his own offenses always smell like roses.
    It has taken GOD FOR HIM TO BE RELEGATED TO THE POSITION WHERE HE FINDS HIMSELF TODAY. THIS COUNTRY WILL MOVE ON FASTER NOW WITH THE LORD BEING ON OUR SIDE. LET RAILA STOP EMBARRASSING HIMSELF FURTHER;let him retire gracefully and Kenya will be consulting him when need arises. We acknowledge and respect that he has gained a lot of good experience despite. Also that amidst his maneuvers, democracy has gotten better space in the country. He only failed to understand what his God assigned role was.
    Long live Raila!

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