AHMEDNASIR reveals the BIG difference between UHURU and RAILA ODINGA supporters

Friday August 4, 2017-With three days remaining to the August 8th General Election, prominent city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has revealed the difference between Jubilee and NASA supporters.

According to Ahmednasir , for the last  five years , NASA and Jubilee supporters have been exchanging blows on the social media but for the last one week Jubilee supporters seems to have retreated and it is only  NASA supporters who were  boasting on social media.

 This is what Ahmednasir asked

Why are NASA supporters loud & vociferous on social media while JUBILEE's are silent & stealth?What does this tell/point to?

However, a patriotic Kenyan responded to Ahmednasir's tweet saying the Jubilee supporters retreat was tactical since they want to vote in silence unlike NASA supporters who vote with bravado.

“Jubilee supporters are civilized and peaceful...they want to be heard at the ballot and not on social media,” Alfred Kiprono told Ahmednasir.


  1. Wait for 8/8/2017 their voice will be loud and clear. They only talk of achievements not intents. Go Go Uhuru!!!!! all the same we are one nation - Kenya. Go Go UHURU!!!!

  2. I have noted that too.JP supporters have really calmed in recence

  3. Supporters behave like those whom they support.

  4. Supporters behave like those whom they support.

  5. Yes, It's so true, supporters are a reflection of who they support.

  6. @anthony_muhindi

    You can only attract people who are like yourself.Holligans are attracted by their own.

  7. JP supports want to be heard in the Ballots Box..Uhuru all the way.

  8. true...jap supporters like silent eliminations then they run to church and lift blood stained hands....hypocrites

  9. silent waters run.........

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