This is what UHURU told MAGUFULI after details emerged that he is planning to help RAILA rig elections

..decision to allow Odinga to set up a parallel tallying center in the neighboring nation.

Although the Tanzanian Government is yet to respond, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government is said to have also been incensed with what they termed as ‘external’ interference by the neighboring country.

Kenyatta has said he will not allow Magufuli to interfere with Kenya’s sovereignty.

Meanwhile Third Way Presidential candidate, Dr Ekuru Eukot, has asked Kenyans to reject Raila Odinga in August because he is a puppet of President Magufuli.


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  1. Heehee. Of all the others, how cam Maghufuli a political novice,president of a small struggling 3rd world country dream of colonizing Kenya through a bafoon? Heee, Kenya kweli yachezewa mradi mtu mmoja asife hajakuwa rais. Sasa hata tuuzwe kwa 4th world country so that they can easily catch up and by bypass as we sink into backwardness.
    Magufuli, Tanzania umeiweza kwanza na hizo joto zako?
    Is Maghufuli trying to make a name by trying to destabilize Kenya? Too big a job for the idealistic novice.

  2. Reality will dawn on you my beloved Kenyan Brother.

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