These are the 10 serious loopholes that UHURU may use to rig RAILA ODINGA in August - KPMG reveals

Thursday July 13, 2017 - The audit of the IEBC voter register by KPMG revealed 10 glaring security loopholes that could be exploited to manipulate the August elections.

The loopholes could be used by those in power, especially Jubilee, to rig the August elections.

According to KPMG, the loopholes in the IEBC register and electoral system are;-

1. There are two default administrator accounts whose default passwords have not been changed. These could be used by authorized persons to delete, add or amend voter register.

2. Audit logs for monitoring super user activity on the data base have not been activated. One can manipulate the register without other users detecting changes.

3. There is no security configuration to prevent cyber attacks, which means the IEBC systems could be hacked by whoever wants to.

4. There was no audit to..

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