There’s something fishy on RUTO’s home attack, Is someone fooling Kenyans?

Deputy President William Ruto's home, in Sugoi, is a protected area. It has the second highest security surveillance after that of the President. It is guarded by the elite Recce squad. They're trained to kill. One shot one kill.

They don't miss their targets, they are trained for close combat. They're trained to fight without weapons. Pound-for-pound, they're the best fist-fighters, arm-wrestlers, flying-kickers, and knee-knockers. You cannot take out a Recce officer one-on-one. They're bad news.

In the unlikely event that anyone breaches security at the Deputy President's home, the government has made sure that help is within fighting distance. The Deputy President's home is 15 minutes off the Moi Barracks in Soy, Uasin Gishu. And if the infantry in Soi need backup, they have the Kenya Defence Forces Recruits Training School (RTS), right under their noses, down the road.

If the combined Commando team of Moi Barracks and the freshers at RTS need artillery to take to Sugoi, they have the Kenya Ordinance Factory, the official bullet manufacturing factory in Kenya, 20 minutes off their cross-hairs.

There is no way an ordinary madman can attempt to hold anyone hostage at the Deputy President's home in Sugoi. Not even Chrispinus Adhiegra can dream of going to Sugoi for mischief. Not today, not forever.

Anyone who goes to the Deputy President's home in Sugoi to test the size of his balls, is a candidate for target practice even before he makes his way two kilometres into the vicinity.
But someone has done so, and is holding people hostage inside that military installation.

"Kenya ina upungufu ya wajinga." - William Ruto, 2014.


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