NASA completes state of the art data backup centers in Nairobi/ Tanzania/ Germany - UHURU is headed home

...across the country to the NASA tallying center for compilation.

Besides, the Opposition has hired 200, 000 agents to protect Raila Odinga’s votes in all the 41, 000 polling stations.

According to leaked information, the 200, 000 agents who will be deployed in polling station in groups of five.

The tallying centers in Nairobi, Tanzania and Germany are part of a wider plan by NASA to deny President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, a chance to manipulate election figures.


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  1. ..... and to make it possible for him to rig the same elections. He does not have the numbers to win. A failure to boot.

  2. He should put another one on the moon but that will not help without the votes, useless, kama kunyamba kwa punda.

  3. Let those with brains know that all the propaganda you are hearing and will very much continue to hear about the so called high tech communication equipment that have setlight signal is all but hot air. These gadets passed through customs and their technical specs were assessed and confirmed to be simple walkitalkies with normal two way com tansister. The Com Authority is aware of these kits and it's the reason it's not bothered by the NASA dream plan. The CS for interior is not the kind to engage with NASA scare mongers like Orengo who making a very elusive statement from his Siaya home county. All we know is NASA so called adopt a poll station concept imported from Ghana is all but trash. NASA has yet to engage IEBC to seek approval of the observer status for the committee of 5 NASA leader keeps talking about as an innovation it has adapted from the Ghana last elections. The truth is the 5 are just normal agents parties with candidates are allowed to appoint and give their names to IEBC for clearance. These agents are each basically representing ODM,CMC, Wiper, Ford Kenya and ANC respectively. The other point of reality is that accredited agents will mot be allowed to take cell phones into the polling hall where voters will mark their ballot papers and cast thir votes. In essence, what Orengo claims is dead on arrival amd when CS Dr Mating'i warns he will esure only the people IEBC has certified and given their names to the security agents will be allowed entry to the poll stations beside the observer groups IEBC clears. The youth should be told the truth and they also know our acting CS is not the type to scared off on intimidated. Those who will dare try him for size will only have theselves to blame when they are arrested. Finally, it's only in NASA so called strongholds will be expected experience this type of disobedience and drama if not violence.i
    I donot see NASA deploying such goons in Central, upper Eastern, Nort Eastern and upper Rift Valley. A wise man will be curious but will know it's not worth the consequences they will face.

  4. its not the tallying centres that are voting. we have the vote brother. we are the one to decide not blah blah blah

  5. Here is the data centre,Central Oregon Community College

  6. Unless Uhuru rigs, he is OUT.

  7. I realize there are many haters giving comments on this point. My worry is why these haters always love things done the wrong way, kindly just keep cool and don't panic, you will surely love how things are done come 09/08/2017. Yes you call yourselves "the people of Kenya"! May be this time there shall be the voice of Kenya. NEW PRESIDENT!

  8. raila bye

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