Most KIKUYUS are poor and jigger infested despite having 3 Presidents, why are Kenyans still tribal?

...the debilitating jigger menace, as well as alcoholism and drug abuse pervade the area that so far prides itself on having produced three Presidents," Kalonzo said.

Kalonzo’s remarks come just days after President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed the NASA alliance for lacking any substantial plan for Ukambani people.

During his tour of Ukambani region last week, Uhuru asked Kalonzo to tell ukambani residents what he did to them when he served in the KANU Government for more than 20 years.

Uhuru said the only thing Kalonzo did when he was in power is to grab over 4,000 acres of land belonging to National Youth Service in Yatta.


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  1. He forgot the thieves also

  2. The 3 presidents work for Kenya not for central province. So does this mean that if he becomes the president he will enrich the Kambas alone and leave the rest of the 42 + tribes. No wonder Jubilee is winning anyway.

  3. Kalonzo cannot be serious, who are more poorer, the Kambas or the Kikuyus? Having a single area with jiggers does not mean central part of Kenya is full of jiggers, he should know better. Kamba land is more arried than Kikuyu land, hence poverty lingers in the east. Who ate a dog during a famine? A Mkamba.


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