KIKUYUs will not support RUTO for Presidency in 2022 after UHURU leaves State House - KALENJIN told.

..Presidency easily.

He added that he comes from Mt. Kenya region and he knows better how the community plays its politics. 

He accused his fellow Jubilee leaders from the region of not telling DP Ruto the truth.

"I just want to be sincere to the Deputy President and tell him not to expect automatic support from Kikuyus in 2022.”

“Someone must tell Ruto the truth and that is how Kikuyu politics are played.”

“Otherwise, the truth will set me free," said Njoroge.


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  1. Who made you the spokes person?

  2. Njoroge is just an individual entitled to his opinion . RUTO NI WETU forever. He has supported UHURU wetu whole heartedly and we KIKUYUS MUST reciprocate. What happened in 2008 was a Godly way od uniting kikuyus and kalenjins and forever we shall remain united . There is no sacrifice without BLOOD. Why then did JESUS die ????????????????. Njoroge stop being crazy - your sissy NJERI

  3. Its never been about supporting Ruto, the alliance between Uhuru and Ruto was about winning the ICC post violence charges against them.
    Ruto on the other hand gets to legitimate his ill gotten wealth and the poor kikuyu is used by the elite kikuyu to get away with crimes cast against their brethren. Sic kikuyu kalenjin alliance.

  4. you two principals never consulted me when you signed a memorandum on 2022 presidential bid support. mnaezaje kupiga mahesabu zenu na kura yangu. I am not stupid. in fact i have gained nothing for the past 4 years since you took over stolen power. Ruto Forget and you should not even count on my vote now. am done with you two. infact sina hata pesa ya kununua PK nidanganye nayo mdomo ichangamke. kazi mlituahidi na nimetafuta miaka hii yote minne na sijapata. mwili yangi nimebaki na ngozi na mifupa tu. mume ni pora hadi nyama nilikuwa nayo miaka sita iliopita. kura yangu hampati ngoo!!!

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