Jubilee now reveals why UHURU ran away from the Presidential debate and why he could not face RAILA

..don’t know why you expected him to have a change of mind. Besides, the information came but it came late and they'd already slotted other activities they could not reschedule. You (the media) had hoped he’d change his mind unlike Raila who did so at the 11th hour. He heard Uhuru would not be coming so he went so that he could look better," he added.

On his part, Ichungwa blamed the hosts Linus Kaikai and Joe Ageyo for being Raila Odinga’s moles and thus the reason for Uhuru to skip the bias debate.

“You would have to be foolish to miss a debate of free airtime, 90 minutes. One of the issues the Jubilee Party raised was on the moderators picked. There were very good reasons why President Uhuru chose not to attend,” said Ichungwa.

 "The President did not also go to the debate because Linus Kaikai was an ODM candidate in 2007 for the Kilgoris Parliamentary nomination, today, he is part of this media house and organizers of the debate and Joe Ageyo is a beneficiary of the Jaramogi Odinga Foundation scholarship to study in Norway on climate change. They can choose to take me to court because I am saying this based on facts. These are pertinent issues that the President wanted addressed," he added.


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  1. Genuine or not genuine , that fact remains he did not attend, but does that change my support or any other persons support NO, we have declared simple.

  2. What a petty way of thinking? irrespective of the moderators, Kenyans wanted answers, we wanted to engage with our president, we wanted to know the direction we are heading to, what he plans for us and our children if elected back. What did we get? excuses. Bullshit! am so disappointed I have shifted my support to RAO! PERIOD!

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