I will never allow anyone, even UHURU/ RUTO’s Govt to kill RAILA under my watch - BOINET declares

...will never allow anything bad to happen to Raila Odinga under his watch.

He added that the NASA leader enjoyed State protection as required by law and denied any police trailing him as he campaigned.

“If there are individuals purporting to be police officers and trailing Raila in the campaigns, I don’t know, but we will investigate,” Boinet said.

The IG assured Kenyans that police officers will not be partisan and will discharge their duties independently.


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  1. Nobody would want to kill baba because there is nothing to be gained just like no one was interested in killing his mzee Jaramo or his son Fidel. They will just go naturally or they take their own lives in one way or the other. Kenyans should not be swayed by Orengo in his mental traumatic disorder of seeing and hearing strange things and sounds. He is fond of chewing khat from his Meru in-laws and gulping too much brandy. That's what makes him look the late GG's age even to the extent of looking older than baba.

  2. The vitendawili geriatric told us they acquired an Israeli made drawn which is being used to cover NASA rallies. Why not use it to cover the old man himself and snif out the six policemen from their trail. That's why no one trusts Orengo, except Odunga and Ogolla. After all, what choice do they have unless they want a curse?

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