GABRIEL OGUDA skins MURKOMEN alive and makes him look like a village idiot, No Mercy

Kipchumba Murkomen has a law degree. I will forgive Uhuru Kenyatta, whom I hear is an economist, and William Ruto, who should be finalising his PhD in somethingrelated to biological sciences.
Kipchumba Murkomen has a law degree. I would assume that his villagers are proud of him, because where I come from, in Jimo village, lawyers are held in high regard.
One day someone let his stray goats nimble at my mother's sweet potatoe vines and when villagers told him to go and apologise before my lawyer brother took up that case, he came with his entire granary asking my mother not to let him go to jail. He needed not go that mile, because Chrispinus Adhiegra had already represented him well.
Lawyers, in my village, are very honorable people. The Jimo village council of elders have a lawyer in their committee. He always has the last word on anything the committee deliberates upon. He's still young, but he has a seat at this Council of Elders because of his track record.
I would assume Kipchumba Murkomen did not waste his father's cows going to law school to run his mouth without engaging his brain. I would assume Kipchumba Murkomen belongs to the Law Society of Kenya who keeps tabs on their members and sanctions those who bring the honourable profession into disrepute.

If Kipchumba Murkomen was my village-mate, and my village council watched him trash-talk the Chief Justice like he did in that Baringo rally, I can assure you, ten-over-ten, that we would have already issued a statement disowning his recklessness and called upon the LSK to institute disciplinary proceedings.
There is no reason why we should sell cows to take other cows to school.


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