CJ MARAGA has BALLS of STEEL! – see what he told UHURU and RUTO after they claimed he is NASA’s MOLE

Monday July 10, 2017-Chief Justice, David Maraga, has told President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto off over their claims that he influenced the ruling of the presidential ballot paper tender last Friday.

On Sunday , Uhuru and Ruto, who were campaigning  in Baringo county, claimed that Maraga influenced the ruling of the ballot paper tender by directing  the Independent Electoral anfd Boundaries Commission(IEBC) not to print ballots papers until a case that was in court was decided. 

“At no time did I ask the IEBC not to proceed with ballot printing, contrary to statements by Deputy President William Ruto and other politicians at the Baringo rally,” Maraga stated.

“The comments I made in Mombasa and elsewhere, which were either deliberately or inadvertently taken out of context, were in reference to the courts’ efforts to expeditiously clear the numerous petitions arising from the party primaries in order not to inconvenience the printing of ballot papers.” Maraga added.

He also insisted that the Judiciary is independent and cannot be manipulated by anyone, including himself.


  1. Odungaism is Crippling round the Corridors of Justice

  2. Odungaism is Creeping the Corridors of Justice

  3. The court rendered a bad judgement and must accept criticism for . I believe that there are too many activists in the judiciary hence the judgements which seem to be based not on merit but to settle scores.

  4. why did MARAGA assign the two judges for the case knowing very their relationships with the applicants? Independence is crucial, but conflict of interest will definitely water down its importance. Maraga, accept that was wrong coz its very wrong

  5. Even to a layman all decision made by Odunga of late has raised eyebrows. Something is too obviously wrong and biased. it is all in his judgments that there are fested personal interest.

  6. maraga cannot pretend not know odunga's likely judgement in every case NASA has an interest in.the reason he keeps choosing him to hear every case of interest to NASA as if he is the only judge in Kenya is because they are working together to do NASA's bidding.am soon petitioning for his removal together with odunga.maraga is not the chief justice Kenya needs.

  7. True. Justice is being compromised by subjectivity.
    Too much of activists yes and on a number of occasions, activists and I am one, have distorted minds on some matters, seeing injustice in almost everything.
    We as Kenyans also read prejudice on Maraga and hatred for the siting government.
    We see a man keen on pleasing the opposition since that is where his vote is.
    So sorry a state. But let him remember, Kenya does not belong to the judiciary, read opposition. It belongs to God and we pray to God that the judiciary does not succeed in delivering us to a retrogressive tribal goon; a man of war. Many times, pharaoh thought he had won.
    Always killing(sacrificing) others, causing blood baths for the simple and selfish reason that the government is blamed is the height of evil. Evil never carries the day though at times it seems to deceive so.

  8. Maraga doesn't have balls. He is flatly irresponsible and wants to lead this country into trouble to please his boss Odinga.
    He is full of hatred. God see him.

  9. NASA haooooo!!!! wangni to ok ukwalwa thoooo!!!

  10. By the way, why does the judiciary think it should not be criticized? We criticize the executive and parliament both arms of government. Is judiciary divine not to be criticized? Tell me another. And you all manner of busy bodies raising their forces that judiciary was criticized. If there is conflict of interests or judgement seems unfair, we shall raise our voice in this democratic kenya.

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