BONNIE insults Citizen TV’s ANN KIGUTA badly after DAVID NDII reduced her to a zombie, He has no mercy.

I don't really care what you think but Daystar University is not a blue laced institution of higher learning by any standard.

It falls nowhere in the ranking of universities in the world but in the unfortunate event that it appears then it's found at the anus of the list.

Daystar, just like Amherst College in the United States where President Kenyatta went to chase white women, is a safe haven where rich families quarantine their spoilt, unintelligent, low-IQ kids who can neither survive the rigorous academic panel beating in our public universities and few private institutions because the bastards are pigheaded nor can they get admission in foreign universities with strictest admission requirements.

As we speak, every scoundrel in…

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  1. I am a NASA fan but have never liked the sentiments of Bonny Khalwale (sick between the ears?). I hope he is not the author of such sentiments. This is one of the stupidest comments I have had the misfortune of reading since I learned to write A B C at Kobujoi RC Primary School in 1958!. Amherst College beats your University of Nairobi hands down 24/7. It is usually not ranked because its undergraduate population is under 2000. It is an exclusive college but you do not get admission by virtue of money but brains. There are no village or city idiots at Amherst. Daystar is a 'not for profit' institution originally based in Zimbabwe whose alumni have shaped the course of African History. It is based on Christian norms and morals, character training, and values integrity over money and riches. The only reason some old public universities like UON are ranked higher is because THEY ARE PRACTICALLY FREE as they are subsidized by government. As a result top performers apply for prestigious programs and this pushes up the rankings. Let me assure Khalwale of this: if Grade A plain candidates were to join the likes of Daystar, Strathmore, Catholic University, Methodist University, Baraton Adventist University etc AT THE RIDICULOUSLY LOW FEES CHARGED by Public Universities and if these universities would mount same courses as at public ones the former would close their doors pronto as their lecture halls would be empty under 2 years.

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