WAIGURU and KARUA str!p each other N@K3D as they reveal the other’s dirty secrets - This is interesting

..subdivision and allocations of the ranch.”

“She was also allocated a piece of land together with her relatives and she should stop claiming to be holier than me," Waiguru said.

On her part, Karua responded in kind, accusing Waiguru of being the face of corruption in Kenya with regard to the NYS scandal.

“She (Waiguru) recently ran to the area from Nairobi following the NYS scandal.”

“She does not know anything about the region and that is why she is falsely linking me to the ranch transactions," Karua said.


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  1. Kirinyaga voters,how do you expect an NYS looter to take care of your county cash?

  2. Shut up!!! Let Kirinyaga voters be. They will choose whomever they want...hata US walichagua Trump.

  3. Waiguru, surely, is it a contest of who may be a worse thief than you? Ati she stops pretending to be holier than you?
    Give us the percentage or ratio of your unholiness vs Karua's. Waiguru ulifanya makosa mabaya. Hata watu wa Kirenyaga wakikuchagua, just know you are an enemy to the Kenyan economy and Uhuru,s struggle agains endemic corruption.

  4. Ann Wainguru if a simple administrative duty of CS sent you permanent on sick live what will you do has a governor, die?

  5. It well known to the people of Kirinyaga.Those are two ladies from your area.Remember Martha has been opposing the government of Uhuru and it was her happiness if UhuRuto were jailed and at the same time Waiguru had a scandal for NYS.No one is cleaner than the other let the people decide.Even UhuRuto were voted in regardless of ICC awaiting them.

  6. Anon.23.18 now who is to shut up,you may be having a mental disorder,you free to express you views,akili kidogo.

  7. Anon.1.10 i dont see the crime committed by Karua,she was not the prosecutor,not even a witness,her only crime may be being the constitutional affairs minister.

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