UHURU/ RUTO’s re-election is a done deal! See the magical numbers they have against RAILA ODINGA’s

..the tribal figures and this is what they found.

However, NASA supporters have bashed their counterparts saying there is no way President Uhuru Kenyatta can beat NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga.

The NASA supporters said Uhuru and his deputy, William Ruto, have support from two regions only, while Raila Odinga has support from the entire country.


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  1. Numbers dont lie, only mouths & closed minds

  2. that mathematics is wrong.evidence:there is no way nyanza and central can be zero(0) numbers.,even those who are married there can't vote for their own? if really we are voting tribal which is wrong,are there no other tribes living in those counties?can a leader be loved 100%?,anybody can buy land anywhere or do business anywhere in the republic,or work anywhere,why are these mathematicians focusing on tribes and region?like nyanza 2013 delivered 30% votes 2013, can the number reduce to zero?what we need is peace and a leader comes from God

  3. NE has a total of 501,894 how do you get 1m, Eastern has a total of 2,650,756, i need not go further. Check your arithmetic.

  4. Central including Embu has 3,219,933, where do you get 4m?

  5. central province registered voters are only 2.9m unless the 2m dead people are included.Jubilee will not get 500,000 in western and also in Mombasa.Also out of the 4m votes of rift valley, Nasa will get 1m.Adjust those figures and you will see the truth by yourself.

  6. He can have the support of the entire country but what matters is the no. of registered voters and turn out.

  7. that computation is correct, in eastern uruto will get more, meru 700k, tnithi 200, embu 500. will get total more than 1 million.

  8. Some Kenyans have become so dumb. How do you know how actual voters in cosmpolitan counties such as Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia, Nakuru, Laikipia, Nairobi, Mombasa, Lamu, Isiolo, Kajiado, Narok, Baringo, will vote? Then there are also counties with minorities. Even if you assume that majority of voters in these areas will vote in a particular way, you can't be certain about the numbers.

  9. hivi ndivo maneno itakuwa

  10. Only IEBC can give the official number of registered voters. That is the only way we can verify the above analogy. Jubilee is very unpopular in Western Kenya including Kisii and coast. Wakijaribu sana labda 200,000 votes combined in these areas. But for Eastern considering Meru/Embu It should be a Million Plus not 500,000. Guyz forget that MERU/EMBU is not in Central Kenya but rather in Eastern Province. Hence RV, Central, Eastern are all going Jubilee way kabla saa mbila asubuhi. (this is why tyranny of numbers are) very populous areas. (kambas are less than Merus/Embus combined in Eastern region)The contest will be in the rest of the Provinces.

  11. Who said central is 4 million,who said jubilee will get 3.5million in riftvalley

  12. Funny how the math reveals that NASA has equal in two regions and more support in 4 out of 8 regions and Jubilee has equal in two regions and full support in 2 regions..... I am non-partisan in politics, but this begs a question from me who would like to elect a leader based on merit not tribes. Political hygiene as recently was put across by one of the prominent legal personalities is much needed from both sides.

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