UHURU is the worst President Kenya has ever had - RAILA says and reveals UHURU’s tribal card

Thursday June 22, 2017 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, of favoring Kikuyus and Kalenjins in the compensation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Speaking in Kamere Grounds in Naivasha where he revisited the 2007 post election violence that rocked the town leaving over 50 people dead and hundreds of others displaced, Raila accused Uhuru/ Ruto of playing a tribal card in the IDP resettlement and compensation process.

He noted that while..

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  1. Raila the most tribal monstor the world has ever known.
    When he incites Masaais no to sell land to Kikuyus is he not teaching them to think tribal and backwards?
    -Has Raila ever bought or sold property to a Kikuyu or members of other ethnic communities? Yes ofcourse is the answer. WHY did he do that? He says Masais sell because they are poor. Has he always sold when he gets poor or because he needs to do something else? Let him stop this insult towards Masaais. Let Raila preach unuty, love and co-existence between tribes.
    - When I was young, Nairobi was in Kiambu province. Has e heard Kikuyus saying they were cheated out of it? Places like Dagoretti, Wangige, Kabete, Kinoo Ruiru etc were all Kiambu, has any Kikuyu ever complained or has any politician ever advised Kikuyu not to sell property to people of other tribes. Those places are Metropolitan: people from different communities buy to each other on willing buyer willing seller basis.
    -Do we not invest even outside this country and is anything wrong with that?
    -if you traverse KIKUYU LAND, you will see a lot of sign posts advertising for land. Anybody is free to buy. KIKUYTUS DO NOT CARE WHO BUYS.
    Why is Raila so obssessed with preaching hatred towards Kikuyus to an extent he attempts to have them wiped through butchering at places they co-exist with others?
    -Shouldnt Raila also advise us not to marry from the Wakikuyus?
    -Raila just hates kikuyus with a passion for seeing him as a hindrance to presidency. The only thing he lives for.
    Kenyans should know this. Raila is an idle man, with a lot of money and an evil mind. This is a very dangerous personality. This burning of Kenya which he keeps talking about, let people be wise and really see when Kenya will burn and never know peace again.
    -Kikuyus are peaceful people who co- esist very peacefully with other tribes which are widely spread all over Kikuyu land.All they care is about peace to do their work.
    God loves every body and so do good leaders.

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