UHURU confirms he may lose elections as he deploys KDF soldiers to Kakamega to rig RAILA by force

...recruitment as Polling and Presiding Officers to help rig the election.”

“ Several officers are being hosted in Kakamega at the former Provincial HQ.”

“They are being prepared to become Returning Officers,” Raila said.

Raila further claimed that the soldiers are training civilians to cause chaos and violence after elections like what happened before the 2007 General Elections.

“We are challenging the National Government and leaders of security forces to explain why military officers are training civilians,” he said.

“A training of KDF officers on crowd control is going on at Embakasi military barracks,” he added.


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  1. Kenyans please note that Raila is repeating the 2007 script. The way he has been behaving of late is the way he behaved just before the 2007 elections - and what was the outcome? You all know. Solution - lets please ignore his propaganda and total lies for we (ordinary Kenyans) are the ones who will suffer and die while the people spreading the propaganda will be saffely guarded in their houses with their stores full of food and their wives and children safe outside the country

  2. raila is not a mad man there must be something going on somewhere. can proper investigation be done on those allegations.

  3. Is Raila behaving like a drowning man who holds onto any strand of grass? Does he not expect the government to do its duty -prepare so as to prevent the kind of blood shed that he orchestrated for in the previous election? Must all go his way in this country?
    He shocks when he alludes that chaos were caused by anyone else but him last time. This man is really preparing the world for blood shed should he not win. This war Lord should be categorized with Joseph Kony.

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