This is what UHURU said about RAILA ODINGA in Muranga that has annoyed all Kenyans

...sobriety and issue based campaign.

Kenyans took to twitter to via the #UhurStopInsultingRails and below are some of the views.


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  1. God is going to give the leadership to Raila on a silver plater. That is the reason when even the Kalenjins hear such kind of abuses they realise that there is more to this campaigns than we thought. A president of a country cannot talk like a mad man. In fact he will be shocked to find only people from his tribe are going to vote for him because of such reckless statements. When Raila told him Waiguru and her group had stolen from NYS, he just abused Raila. Today everybody knows the truth.He has never addressed that issue. Then even if Uhuru becomes the president, how will he deal with corruption while he is protecting Waiguru. He is the king in this country and he has tyranny of numbers. So what can't he do if he wants. Wait and see, august is here. There is a season for everything. Uhuru, I am surprised by the way you are talking. Many of us were for you but the way your doing abusive.

  2. Alot of shit,nyani haoni kundule

  3. NASA is a very big headache to Mr Kenyatta. He just does not know what to do and thinks that NASA=Raila. He could not so far from the truth. NASA are the people of Kenya who wish to judge his performance for the last 4 years and how his associates and relatives have been featuring negatively in the press on issues of corruption. Any of the 5 principals will scare the hell out of Jubilee and UhuRuto.

  4. If Nasa is a headache to kenyatta,if Nasa is 10 million plus, why get scared by placing roadblocks and attacking IEBC,they should be buoyed by the said NASA. what is ailing NASA is the Ghosts of Samuel Kivuitu who was hoarded out of office by Raila. Remember Raila has destroyed careers of so many people ans as such, RAO is always restless, Jubilee is not the cause of his problems.By the way, jubilee has only been in power for only 4 years and some months and betwween Raila and UHUru, Who has been in this country longer, is is RAO or Uhuru. This is a battle between a son and a grandfather and i bet, you definitely know who will win.


  6. Hebu hiyo video admin. This is serious! Na chunga usiwe umeongezako chumvi. This may amount to incitement too.

  7. we should be wary of anything anonymous,if surely you are writing something which is the truth and which is not hate speech, why hide your identity.Let us do away with anonymous and use our real names in this social media. Am requesting the government of the day to pass a law that will ban anything anonymous not to be printed on social media.We are not going to do away with hate speech the way we print all kinds of nonsense in this platform.Take this advice seriously and Kenya will be good for all of us.This is free advice which the government pays a lot of money for the likes of the advisers of the government, but for me , i have given it for free.

  8. I could not have said it better, you sycophants can go hang.

  9. By the way who does Uhuru think he is? His pride will one day come to an end. He should remember what happened to Nebuchadnezzar. He is not an exception. God can deal with him till he knows that their is God for the weak.

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