SHAME! UHURU caught red-handed lying to his voting robots in Central about RAILA - This is a record low

...Kajiado, a claim that the NASA leader has since denied.

“How can a person who claims to be a national leader call for the eviction of one community?”

“No leader can genuinely say they want to lead the country if they are threatening the prevailing peace,” Uhuru said.

While campaigning in Kajiado last week, Raila advised Maasai people not to sell their land cheaply to those who want to grab, saying he will fix the land issues if he becomes President.

However, Jubilee has spun Raila’s advice to be an eviction order.


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  1. Admin we know you have been a cold blooded die hard of NASA but even a small child knows and heard what RAO said in kajiado we are not fools nor are we stupid not to be able interpret words spoken. wacha ufala.

  2. you must be a cordiot mr admin.raila said si waende kwao but all foreskins are denying that

  3. its quite evident that whoever wrote this post is a cord follower... we all heard what RAO said. report the truth not some racist bullshit

  4. Can any other tribe buy land in central kenya,kwendeni huko,fools

  5. UHURU ni muongo; nobody said wafukuzwe!

    RAila alisema dont sell land. Uhuru is a lying bustard.

  6. Without taking sides Uhuru is fueling it I the name of politics.. I stand to be corrected though I never heard a mention of Kikuyu's to be evicted but wabaki kwo...A bit reckless from Rao but Uhuru should stop playing politics with such a sensitive issue even him advised his people not to sell

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