RAILA ODINGA deserved the Madaraka Day humiliation, he follows UHURU like a housefly - ALAI says.

..deserved it.

Below is Alai's message shared on social media, over the matter.

Raila is not a god who must be recognised in every function.

I was at the function and I haven't complained that I was not recognised.

Uhuru and DP Ruto can't give attention to every desperado. 

In 2016, Raila organised a parallel Madaraka Day.

Why didn't he organise one this year since Uhuru was not even in Nairobi to burst his bubble. 

Following President Uhuru like a house fly is not good for your ego my fren.

Sit down kwa benches and relax.


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  1. hahahahah tell him alai tell him!!!

  2. True bwana Alai. He cant organize a parallel event today and tomorrow show up to the official eventy and expect to be treated like the prodigal son. Nyet.

  3. You are just a tissue paper to wipe somebody's anus.They sent an invitation to him and so he honored it.It was proper for him to appear since he's the only one who would've spoken on behalf of all freedom fighters.It was not a campaign meeting for Jubilee you stupid ass bimbo.Get your acts right and grow up

  4. Always invited but attends only when there is a selfish gain. So he too humiliates (or so he thinks) whenever he feels like. Case in point parallel celebrations...never right, and not fair.

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