ONYANGO tells you everything about RAILA’s security team, this will make your day.

...intelligent, it is clever...it detects bumps, darkness and potholes then auto adjusts its ground clearance. It has a panic button, it even detect haters when moving in their territory.

That car is more brilliant than half of Uhuru's cabinet, it is even more intelligent than half of all permanent secretaries combined.

I wrote a letter to Raila requesting him to donate that car so that Uhuru could appoint it the Chief Cabinet secretary (minister for devolution.)

If anything that car is clever than Qnjuri today, tomorrow and the next 10,000 days to come.

That V8 can drive to hell and survive Satan's fire....and come back with occupants safe and sound.

Baaaaaaba yawa Baaaaaaaaaaaba wachni THEKO.

Via Onyango Ochieng

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  1. Sir you have forgotten that you can press a button and it flies like an aeroplane and doesn't use diesel or petrol like Uhuru's instead it uses milk. What a wonder.

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