NJERI narrates how an Ummoiner Matatu saved her and her husband from carjackers.

Yesterday's night, around 11ish, at City stadium roundabout we noticed a car beside us, it had been behind us all the way from Madaraka, but the Eureka moment was right there. When your gut feels apprehensive, pay attention, luckily ahead there was a slow car so we decided to follow it behind, and what do you know the other car joins us as well.

The road is clear, at this point and it makes no sense for all three of us to be crawling. Disquiet and alarm bells are now ringing as we take note, it's a Silver BlueBird Nissan, we gas pedal and hightail at a crazy speed, and almost overturn at the Rikana supermarket roundabout, we're now at 140kph. What do you know our silver adversary decides to do the same.

This is the point where you start praying , tbh, you make it right with Jesus, and you throw in a few Om Shanti just in case, I'm not taking chances with my hereafter, Hello Buddha too. Anyhu, I look at Zack, he's sweating bullets, personally I'm having an affair with gathithino gaceke at my back, ask a Greek to translate, fingers crossed, just calling Jesus, he does a hard brake, well so do they. So we're now sure these are not our friendly neighborhood patrol.

Were at 150kph thereabouts almost at the Total, near the junction to Buru, there's an Ummoinner matatu ahead, blaring music, relief until it gets into the Petrol station, hee we decide to follow it inside. We still see the Bluebird hanging out at the stage. Dear Lord, these guys didn't come to play, well hubby gets out and approaches the…

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