Man who was with RAILA ODINGA and his ODM crew during the 07/ 08 post-poll chaos joins NASA again.

...thrilled I am to be returning home to participate in this momentous occasion and challenge for our nation," Lone said.

“This is very crucial elections in our country because if Jubilee party is re-elected it will spell trouble for our country,” he added.

Lone’s appointment comes a week after Raila Odinga formed a 15 member committee headed by Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader, Musalia Mudavadi.

Lone is remembered by Kenyans as the man who advised Raila Odinga to cause bloodshed in 2007 after he was thrashed by former President Mwai Kibaki.


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  1. opportunist who stood beside Coffee Anan. Trying his luck again. Damn cia crook.

  2. If the 2007/08 memoire shows that the violence that characterized the post election results is largely attributed to the Saleemu advisory tit-bits he gave to baba, how then could we sit pritty in 2017 and hope ten years later Saleemu has changed despite being ten years older? All the daily fresh allegations that the NASA Pentagon is making either against IEBC or Jubilee if not both, are a clear reason to believe Saleemu is already at work to create a thread of doubt about the credibility of the 2017 elections. The real threat is that baba will be adviced to reject the results of the election unless he is declared the winner. If IEBC declared any other contestant the winning ticket other than NASA's there is every possibility that a violent claim will be made in the street and refusal to seek legal redress as set out in the Constitution is highly the option NASA will chance with a view to force its way to coalition sharing of power. This outcome would be very unfortunate for Kenya and every effort should be invoked to prevent it, now that we know and have seen how it could distabilize the country's growth trajectory. All the elction observers that will grace the elctions must be fully briefed of this possibility. They must ensure they have eyes and ears on the ground at all the polling stations and their security ensured. All the agents if candidates must be allowed to do thir job unhindered and the returning officers must be empowered to call for the removal and arrest of those who come to cause mischief. They should even suspend voting if they determine it a necessary option to saguard the integrity of the elections and security for the voters and the officials and observers. The media too must refrain from reporting falsehoods at the behest of the politicians and their agents or supporters. Out NSIS and other intelligencia must be on the watch for any undue behavior and do the only right thing.

  3. Anon.2.14 kibaki lost the 2007 elections(fact)and the talk allover from kiuks was we know kibaki will lose but we will not handover power.God punishes wrongdoers very fast,kivuitu,kihara mutu,michuki and wife,lucy,thuo and thousands of mungiki youth now deceased.Open your eyes,damu ya binadamu huwa haiendi buru,you may try shift blame but malipo ni hapa hapa.Raila did not hire mungiki to butcher kenyans,we know who did it.

  4. Siungi mkono Raila but kwa kweli alishinda uchaguzi 2007 ukweli usemwe...But hakikisho niko nayo ni kwamba atashindwa ile baaad safari hii na Uhuruto...Hawa vijana ni moto wa kuotea mbali...kama hujui utajulishwa!!!

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