Mambo yabadilika! UHURU/ RUTO forced to wave to trees and buildings as residents refuse to attend rally

...were no people to wave at.

In one of the most embarrassing photos from Kakamega, President Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, are seen on top of their cars waving to buildings as they made their way through the town with only a few people to address - a clear indication that the region is still an Opposition stronghold.

Here is the embarrassing photo of Uhuru/ Ruto waving to buildings that everyone is talking about. 

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  1. Bwana Uhuru,its not even the party,Luyias dont trust kikuyus,kama hujui let me inform you-wakora,you only use other tribes if you re to benefit and not vice verser.I am a resident of Ikolomani,huko nayo kura hupati,let wakina Shinali cheat you,tall order.

  2. Waluhya mtandanywa mpaka lini, the writings are on the wall, you can stay with your votes, Uhuru has other willing supporters, when can you benefit from anything if you are always in opposition, how do you expect to get development, always fighting the sitting Government. Style up and think wisely this time!!!!!!

  3. Watch this space, Uhuru is winning with a landslind, your vote alone haiwes kumuangusha

  4. Wacha uwongo!! Check that photo carefully, there is a big crowd of people just behind the vehicles, at the shops' pavements. They must have been restrained by security men at that spot where the president's entourage was negotiating a corner.

  5. You are comforting yourself, I was in KK and the truth is the ground is firmly under NASA

  6. It is not about crowd, Ni kura ya mtu na debe.. This is what misleads aging Raila

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