How do we get to Syokimau? GABRIEL OGUDA has interesting observation on SGR (Must Read)

..University students living in Fantoft get to school?

They use the Bybanen - the urban light rail system. Bergen has an ultramodern light rail system powered by electricity. The route begins from Bypaken, in central Bergen, and ends at the Bergen International Airport, in Flesland. There are 26 stops on the light rail route to central Bergen, a distance of 19 kilometres. It takes the Bybanen 45 minutes to navigate those 26 stops. That's a breathtaking average of 1.7 minutes between any of the two stops.

And the stops were deliberately chosen. We have a stop at Bystajonen, Bergen's Bus Station, where buses coming in from all over Norway end their journey.

You alight from the Bybanen, drag your suitcase right inside the terminal and board your bus to Alesund, or Stavanger, or Oslo. Without breaking a sweat. There is also a stop at Brann Stadion, my all-time favourite, home to SK Brann - the 2007 Norwegian premier league champions.

On matchdays, the Bybanen is a sea of red and white the city is literally on fire. The Fantoft student hostels is the 15th stop on the route. Every morning and evening, the Fantoft stage is literally a sea of humanity with students rushing to and coming back from school. Because the stops are timed to the second, it takes exactly 21 minutes from the Fantoft student hostel to the Bergen CBD, via the Bybanen.

The Bergen light rail system is run by Skyss, who also have branded commuter buses for the routes not within the light rail network. Every Skyss commuter bus station has a board indicating the arrival and departure times for their buses. This is the schedule you plan your day with. In collaboration with the Hordaland Municipality, where Bergen falls, the Skyss train and buses have dedicated lanes, with no traffic at any given time.

If you want to run around Bergen and you are pressed for time, check the Skyss schedule on their website and time the next bus on the platform. Hop in and you're halfway around the world in no minute.

The Bergen train station, running from Bergen to Oslo, is right on the light rail network at Nonneseter, the second last stop to central Bergen. It is run by NSB, the Norwegian Railways. Anyone living within Hordaland Municipality and would love to travel to Oslo by train only need to check into the nearest Skyss light rail or bus stop, pay the fare and alight at Nonneseter stop right at the foot of the Bergen Train Station.

From your house to the train going to Oslo, even if you were dragging a million suitcases, the boarding and disembarking is so seamless it is painless. When you arrive at the Oslo train station, the situation is the same to the Bergen one. You will literally use the railways up to your last destination, without hassle.

Now. Superimpose that to the Standard Gauge Railway experience, in Nairobi.
How do you get to Syokimau? Are Kenya Railways putting in commuter shuttles to ferry passengers to and from the CBD? If yes, is there a schedule? How much does it cost? Who runs it?

I ask these things because all those people who have boarded the train from Mombasa to Nairobi have the means to hire a taxi from Syokimau to the Nairobi CBD. Therefore, they are not the target market for the SGR.

I can bet my two kidneys that neither President Uhuru Kenyatta nor those hangers-on who flew to Mombasa with him, will use public transport from the Syokimau train station to their respective houses, and for obvious reasons - they do not have faith in the public transport system.

And neither should we.


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  1. How comes it is one particular community complaining about the SGR? Rome was not built in a day!

  2. Nobody thought of the common mwanainchi. KBS should offer services and not Matatu,s since some have Luggage.

  3. Go and live in Norweigh.

  4. Boy don't worry your faith will take you to syokimau if you need be there.for schedule visit syokimau office.

  5. so what do you expect us to do. We uproot the sgr?

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