Here is ROBERT ALAI‘s message to LUOs who are saying they will fight if UHURU beats RAILA in August.

..stop behaving like pigs.

Go home. Grow food.

Stop relying on Uganda for even eggs and Kiambu for vegetables then you can think of fighting anyone.

People will turn off the taps of food and you will be begging them to help you. In 2007/2008, people were starving because food was not coming from Rift Valley and Central.

If you want to be truly independent, GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. You have enough land for RICE, MAIZE, SUGAR CANE, VEGETABLES etc.

You have become lazy. 

In the meantime, watch a speaker with a relevant message. PEACE!!!

By Robert Alai

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  1. Tell them Alai to grow up and think for themselves

  2. tell them that fighting is not the solution voting the only solution

  3. Who will these Luos be fighting with? Kikuyus? Karenjins? Themselves? who?

    Bwana Alai tell the Luos that we want peace by all means.

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